ONNTO Corporation ¡V External Storage Devices, enclosures, HDD case, RAID and NAS (USB 2.0, 1394, FireWire, eSATA)


Founded in 1998, ONNTO Corporation is a leading provider of cost-performance niche technology and networking solutions for PC and Mac users.

Proven manufacturing & production management excellence make us an ideal choice for strategic alliances, ODM, Private Label and distributor business. Six guiding principles chart our product and business development course.

Our primary concern is Customer Satisfaction. We strive to ensure customer satisfaction through user-oriented product designs, and commitment to total quality management.

We believe that "Knowledge is Power". Knowledge management and collaboration at all levels allows us to better anticipate customer needs.

ONNTO seeks not only to create affordable, high-quality products, but to also improve the overall quality of life for users and customers. We strive to offer human-friendly products that adapt to user needs and operate with simplicity.

Commitment to clear communication benefits our customers by anticipating customer needs and delivering valuable solutions at every level of the value chain.

Maintaining a tight focus on select technology solutions allows us the flexibility to react to market demands and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Working Environment
Our adherence to Total Quality Management (TQM) encompasses all aspects of the business experience. We seek to provide an environment that inspires not only our employees to achieve greatness, but our suppliers, vendors, partners and customers as well.


ONNTO employs a 3-pronged product development approach:

1. Develop and expand the niche product base for mainstream markets.
2. Develop "whole products" and increase product portfolio to meet niche market demands.
3. Leverage design competency to develop additional new and innovative products.

ONNTO first entered the peripheral market with USB 1.1 and IEEE 1394 interface options in year 1999, introducing successfully many USB/FireWire expansion cards, Firewire repeater and hubs solutions for MAC and PC users.

In 2001, we accurately identified the tremendous growth potential of the external storage market, and started 2.5" and 3.5" single bay enclosures designs. Beginning in 2005 ONNTO began focusing on innovative products such as RAID systems, NAS, encrypted storage devices and digital media Adapter.

ONNTO's HDD enclosures, available in mobile and desktop models, enable easy storage expansion, come in single or combo (USB 2.0 / FireWire 400/FireWire 800) interface configurations, and protect valuable data with a novel hardware protection system. With offerings for 2.5" and 3.5" hard drives, Onnto storage solutions are engineered from the ground up to provide optimal hardware protection while delivering maximum speed. Outstanding features including anti-shock protection, secure fixing mechanism, silent operation and the choice of single or FireWire 400/800 and USB 2.0 combo interfaces, with encrypted and standard configurations, Onnto storage solutions cater to every segment from enterprise to home users.

Awarded ISO 9001 certification in 2002, customers and potential partners can be confident in Onnto's position as a world-class product developer and service provider, capable of delivering targeted, quality-intensive solutions to the most demanding markets. Our service includes:

• Conceptual Industrial Design
• Mechanical Design
• Electronic Design
• Software, User Interface
• Solution Integration
• Package Design
• Manufacturing
• Quality Assurance Management
• Brand Management and Product Management
• Distribution and Marketing

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